Editorial Design of 
artists’ publications and zines

IN HOK artists' zines

Each exhibition in HOK is accompanied by a limited edition publication.

Most publications come with a unique multiple, ranging from darkroom prints,
engraved copperplates, pop-up collages to post stamps.
The series grows both in volume, size, knowledge, and content.

#1 Lula Valletta (NL), Purgatorio

#2 Tav Falco (USA), An Iconography of Chance

#3 Jah Wobble (UK), Tower Blocks and Other Symmetries

#4 Harold de Bree (NL), SSIXS

#5 Bob de Groof (BE), Alive on the Cutting Edge

#6 Peter Zwaan (NL), Skins

#7 Ronin (NL), The Spirit of Edo

#8 Caro Mantke (DE), Reflex

#9 Gavin Jay (UK), Pull the Strings

#10 Bob Lens (NL), Individual Situations

#11 Gaye Black (UK), Dolls and Bones

#12 Harold de Bree (NL), Borderlines

#13 Dana LaMonda (NL), One Minute

#14 Gurt Swanenberg (NL), I’m Lovin’ It

#15 Topp & Dubio (NL), Unstable Matter Situations

#16 Tosca Niterink (NL), Toscania

#17 Gertrude Pape (NL), Maisie to Lewis

#18 Isabel Reitemeyer (DE), Animal Kingdom

#19 Gris-Gris: Bobbi Oskam (NL) x Thijs Jaeger (NL)

#20 Jordan Herregraven (NL/USA), The Untold Histories

#21 Aja Waalwijik (NL), Psychedelic Dungeon

#22 David Arnoff (UK/USA), Shot in the Dark

#23 Gyz La Riviere (NL), This Side Up

#24 Marcel Bontempi (DE), Hipsville Observer

Stencilwerck Editions
The DIY publishing house by Stencilwerck Riso printroom, run by Bertus Gerssen and Lula Valletta. Focussed on close collaboration with artists on stenciled elaborate zine-like publications.

- A year in Riso - Haagse Kunstkalender

- Alfabet Boek by G.J. de Rook (dutch edition)

- Vieze Gluiperds by Jip Piet
  *Nominated for Mooi Marginaal ’21-’22*

- In Stercore by Rik Buter & Hanna de Haan

- Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 
*Nominated for Mooi Marginaal ’21-’22*

- Alphabet Book by G.J. de Rook (english edition)

Counter Culture Chronicles & Casioli Press

Two small publishing companies joined forces to publish little gems from the heart; zines and chapbooks on counterculture and avant-garde.

- Robert Yarra - Gregory Corso Gave Me The World (Chapbook)

- Louise Landes Levi - Behind The Buddha’s Mask (Book + Tape Bundle)

- Ira Cohen - Blue Iris, Black Rose (Chapbook)

- Piero Heliczer - I Must Be More Like an Ant Than a Cigale Because I Like to Sing in Winter

- Hans Plomp - The Art of Dying (Book of poetry)

- Ewan Clark – Looking For Lew, An Invitation To Kitkitdizze (Chapbook)
- Ewan Clark – Howling In His Hills Of Sur, Lew Welch & Robert Duncan: A Brief Correspondence
- Gregory Stephenson – Pity And Terror: Jack Kerouac On Nosferatu

- Hans Plomp – Sailing Hither And Thither On Lake Life

SAGO Press

- Photobook ‘GRIT. Truus de Groot in New York City’
- 'Anti-tourist Guide for New York' folio by Truus de Groot

Crossing Border Festival
Crossing Border zine; an in-depth zine with background information for Crossing Border festival corona edition, 2021

Volume of poetry by Edwin Fagel

Gewoon een Geintje

Volume of poetry 
by Ton Lebbink, in collaboration with Leonor Faber-Jonker
*Nominated for Mooi Marginaal ’18-’19*

Analog Eco
Loose-leaf publication on the occasion of Festival Analog Eco for Grafische Werkplaats Den Haag.

Ruigoord Times
Ruigoord Openbare werken, festival newspaper


Het Andrea Behr Pamflet 41 

Published by Boekie Woekie, made in collaboration with Florian Cramer, Johanna Monk, Dalin Waldo & Lula Valletta