Lula Valletta (1991) is a cut-up artist, freelance curator and bibliophile, stuck in purgatory. Desperate of being born about 75 years too late, she tries to pick up where the hobbyhorses of the avant-garde left off; rejecting the logic, reason and aestheticism of modern capitalist society, instead expressing nonsense, irrationality and anti-bourgeois protest. She has been cutting and pasting since kindergarten. At the age of 18, she wandered to Berlin for the sake of art, only to return 8 years later arm aber sexy after years of being a GlueHead. Together with underdog poet Mr. Pelham she forms the cut-up collective Arpsianism. She gave the world the C.U.M. (Cut-Up Manifesto) and strongly believes that collage is the basis of all art and creation. Specimens of her collage art have been self-published in a series of booklets; an agglomeration of collages into blobs and misprints. All things published under her imprint Bur-Rose.
To make a living Lula assist in the editorial design of artists' zines and publications. She collaborates with Riso printroom Stencilwerck, CCC (Counter Culture Chronicles) and Grafische Werkplaats Den Haag. Frustrated with the lack of cool in The Hague she feels oblidged to curate exhibition, organise noise shows and artbook festival The Other Book.

Photo by Bertus Gerssen

Bur-Rose is the umbrella for all things published by Lula Valletta. The zines and tape releases on her label Bur-Rose reflect her own artistic practice and interest; from cult to punk subculture, collage, noise, surrealism and other chaos; if she likes it, she’ll publishes it. While her main focus is on zines, she doesn’t shy away from bringing out tapes and apparel, or anything she fancies.

She is the co-founder and head curator of HOK (2018-currently), an independent art space based in the city centre of The Hague, The Netherlands. The master of chaos! An above ground Underground platform with a slightly different twist. With a DIY mentality and that exhibits everything that HOK itself finds beautiful. Which includes collages, a lot of collages. HOK likes to work with artists from the punk and rock&roll, film, and comic book worlds. HOK has a zine distro and an art shop with editions and ephemera and is the place for zinelovers.

Under the name Mitraillette she presents a monthy program at Radio Tonka. Mitraillette is underground radio nonsense presented by collage artist Lula Valletta. Musically it's no holds barred in these monthy themed broadcasts. There will be entertaining guests, there will be doors kicked in and there will be new horizons in every direction imaginable. Catch Mitraillette every first Sunday of the Month from 00:00 till 02:00 live on Radio Tonka 92.0fm or